GOP tax bill shows 'unbearable selfishness'

Dec 18, 2017

To the Editor:

On Dec. 17, Congressman Bill Keating came to Wareham to speak with the Wareham Democratic Town Committee at Bailey’s Restaurant. More than 40 local people attended. Keating spoke extensively about the tax bill that the Republicans are proposing.

One of the dangers that he spoke of was that if the tax bill passes, the next step the Republicans are talking about is an attack on Medicare and Medicaid. Half of the people in nursing homes are there under these programs. Forty percent of American children are covered under these programs. What would happen to these citizens? The justification for reducing these programs is that we could not afford them. But we couldn't afford them because the Republicans gave the money to the richest people in this tax bill.

This tax bill shows such unbearable selfishness. The note of hope is the growing convergence of groups that are ready to RESIST. People will be marching in many locations on Jan. 20. If you hate the damage that the Republicans are doing to our country, join us.

Kate Furler