Boys and girls get their Grinch on for first holiday play

Dec 21, 2017

The Wareham Boys & Girls Club put on its first play on Thursday, with a singing cast, green face paint and glittery scene designs.

"How the Grinch Stole Christmas" was directed by 12-year-old Nadiya Dows. Dows had the idea for the play in the fall and developed and directed it. She said it was a lot of work to produce the club's first play.

"I was nervous," Dows said. "I had to know what was going on backstage and onstage at the same time."

Around 20 club members have been practicing their parts since October, learning their lines and creating the scenery. Avianna Landry, who played the Grinch, said the process was fun and she liked rehearsing in the Boys & Girls Club after school.

"I liked dressing up and painting my face green," Landry said.

The show was a success and had a large audience of family members enjoying the familiar songs and Dr. Seuss' story.

"It was difficult staging that play," said Sally Paduch, academic supervisor for the Boys & Girls Club. "Everyone pitched in with the scenery, costumes and makeup."

The play gave the kids a boost of confidence and helped them learn about performing and everything that goes into a production.

"They feel like rock stars right now," said Nakita Besegai, program coordinator at the club.

Paduch agreed that the play was just what the kids needed to end their year.

"The Grinch's heart grew and their egos just grew," she said.