Middle school musicians strike a chord in winter concert

Jan 26, 2018

Musicians at Wareham Middle School treated friends and family to a winter concert on Thursday night, showing off their skills through instruments and Disney songs.

Band and chorus teacher Caitlin Hagarty teaches both clubs after school and each meet for an hour each week. There are 15 students in the band club, and Hagarty said she is hoping to see it grow, but the small numbers mean she can focus on helping individual students.

For many of the students, it was their first time playing at the middle school. The members of the band club showed off the new skills they have learned, including playing a song in 3/4 time.

"It's hard for students," Hagarty said. "They do not like odd things, specifically they don't like odd numbers."

They worked on that song for three weeks and Hagarty said it was a "huge accomplishment" to be ready to perform it.

"Please be as proud of them as I am," she told the audience.

Middle school students in the chorus sang a medley of Disney songs that was 15 minutes long without stopping and had parents and siblings singing along to the familiar tunes. Finally, faculty and administrators of Wareham Middle School joined the chorus and sang "When the Lights All Shine" together.

"I've loved every minute and seeing the students grow from September to now," Hagarty said.