Wareham officials seek owner of abandoned rottweiler that had to be 'humanely euthanized'

Jan 30, 2018

The Wareham Department of Natural Resources announced a rottweiler picked up in Carver on Monday had to be humanely euthanized today, but is seeking the public’s help in finding the owner.

Department officials captured the male dog near Farm to Market Road on Monday. The dog was suffering from a swollen face, likely due to a large growth, and was malnourished.

The animal received some treatment at Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists, but on Tuesday, veterinary professionals told agencies involved with the dog that its health was worse than anticipated.

According to the Department of Natural Resources Facebook page, significant surgery would be required on the dog because of the aggressiveness of the tumor, including removal of bone mass in the dog's skull and jaw. It was recommended that the dog be humanely euthanized "considering the bleak prediction of recovery and for the dog's quality of life."

Though people in the community and non-profit agencies offered support and funding for the dog's treatment, his condition was too severe, officials said.

"We feel the same emotions and have the same questions as many of you," said a post on the Department of Natural Resources Facebook page. "We are human, we all have pets we care about, and we are in this job because we care about the animals and their quality of life."

The Department of Natural Resources is continuing the investigation with Carver Animal Control to find the owner of the dog. Anyone with information regarding the dog’s owner is asked to call the Wareham Department of Natural Resources at 508-291-3100, ext. 3180.