Addition of 13 stories to Wareham's 'Adopt-A-Vet' project celebrated

Apr 21, 2018

The Wareham Free Library added 13 new additions to its collection Friday evening – video interviews of area veterans sharing stories from their time in the service.

The DVDs are part of the “Adopt-A-Vet” series, a project started by Wareham Veterans Council member Bob White. Modeled after a similar project launched by the Library of the Congress, the series features veterans speaking about their experiences.

In total, White said the local collection now has 27 videos. He credited Susan Grebber for helping to nearly double the number of participants.

“She was instrumental in making this round of interviews as successful as it was,” said White.

During a reception in the library, each veteran was given a copy of their interview. Copies were also given to members of the Wareham Free Library Board of Trustees and the library itself, both the archives and for patrons to check out.

The videos include stories from not only the veterans' time on the front lines, but also about training and family life. The interviews were recorded at Wareham Community Television with help from the station’s staff.

Joseph Napoli, of Marion, was one of the veterans featured in this round. He served in the U.S. Army from 1952 to 1977, serving in both the Korean War and Vietnam War as an artillery specialist.

He said he was glad to contribute his time for the project, even though it took a little bit of convincing.

“I’m just a street kid from Worcester,” said Napoli. “But Susan approached me asking to speak about my military experiences and I decided to share what I remembered.”

Board of Library Trustees Chair Johnna Fredrickson thanked veterans and said the videos will be cherished.

“You’re handing a legacy to people who will be here long after we’re gone,” she said. “I can’t think of anything more sacred than that.”