A sad day for Wareham seniors

May 2, 2018

To the Editor:

Yes, a very sad day for seniors living in Wareham from results of the Town Meeting on April 23, where once again town leaders failed to recognize and fund what seniors have been asking for the past few years, a full-time director for the Council on Aging, which is sorely needed.

The Town of Wareham remains today as the only municipality in Massachusetts that does not fund such a position. It seems apparent that many folks don’t feel our seniors living in this town deserve anything.

Seniors make up one-third of the population of residents and pay property taxes and sales taxes thru local businesses that support the town. Yet you hear not one word in regards to half their taxes paid supporting local schools, something they will never use. Of the more than $63 million town budget for this year, Selectmen said they could only justify $20,000 for one-third of its residents, its seniors. This is not a lack of funds, it’s a lack of leadership! And it doesn’t end with the Selectmen, members of the Finance Committee are equally complicit.

Seniors aren’t asking for that much, a position within the town to help guide them thru the many decisions and places of finding help with daily life. Yes, it’s a sad day for seniors, but it’s also a sad day for the entire Town of Wareham!


Al Latini

West Wareham