A new Week and VillageSoup!

Jun 22, 2011

Coming soon: Sippican Week and SippicanVillageSoup.com.

On July 7, Beaver Dam Partners Inc., the Wareham company that owns and operates Wareham Week and WarehamVillageSoup, will begin publishing Sippican Week and SippicanVillageSoup.com. Together, "the Sippicans" will serve the towns of Marion, Mattapoisett, and Rochester in very much the same way that Wareham Week and WarehamVillageSoup now serve Wareham and Onset.

The Sippican operation opened a small office at 163 Front St. in Marion last week. Editor Matt Camara, an Acushnet native and now Mattapoisett resident, began work last week. He will be joined next week by reporter Erik Fox – an Indiana native and recent journalism graduate who is heading East to join the team!

Sippican Week – free, weekly, available everywhere in all three towns, formatted like Wareham Week – will focus exclusively on news of Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester. SippicanVillageSoup will provide daily news from those three towns, along with lots of opportunity for community conversation.

Wareham Week will continue to be operated out of our 219 Main Street office in Wareham. And Editor Jaime Rebhan and reporter Cyndi Murray will keep on covering everything Wareham and Onset all the time!

In both the Wareham and Sippican operations, we will continue to provide advertisers with a range of affordable print and online options, great design services, attentive customer service, and a large and loyal audience.

As we enter the last-minute push toward Sippican's debut, let me take this opportunity to thank the people and businesses of Wareham for helping to make the expansion possible.  Our growth could not have happened without your wonderful reception and ongoing support.

When we launched Wareham Week and WarehamVillageSoup 17 months ago, our goal was to produce high-quality, useful, enjoyable local media in a way that would create a profitable business, built to last and built in a way that could be replicated elsewhere.

Thanks to the way Wareham has embraced what we are doing – and to a lot of hard work on the part of our wonderful staff! – we are confident that the “model” we have developed in Wareham is ready for the world outside of Wareham.

When in “Sippican land” after July 7, check us out!