Wareham girls tennis one step closer to state tournament with win in Fall River

May 21, 2018

The Wareham girls tennis team saw another victory in Fall River Monday, beating Diman Regional 5-0. This win continues what has been one of the team’s most successful seasons in recent years, putting it yet another step closer to qualifying for the state tournament.

The victory in Fall River follows two successful games in both Carver and Bourne. The girls will square up next against Fairhaven on Wednesday and against Carver again on Thursday.

Wareham previously lost to Fairhaven 4-1, but Coach Geoff Swett said he’s optimistic about the upcoming game with Carver.

“This week I expect us to have two wins and one loss,” Swett said. “If we manage to win Fairhaven, though, it’ll be big for us. We’re either going to end up 9-10 or 10-9.”

According to Swett, an overall record of 10-9 for the season will qualify the Vikings for the state tournament.

“We’ve just climbed so high it’s kind of unbelievable,” said team captain Emily Glidden. Glidden and her teammate Olivia Powers won their doubles match against Diman Regional.

Eighth grade teammates Allison Sciaraffa and Mackenzie Brodley also won their doubles match against Diman Regional. The two are brand new to the world of tennis, but Swett believes they have the right stuff.

“They can keep right up with the rest of them,” Swett said. “You wouldn’t believe they’ve never played tennis before.”

The team’s overall record is now 8-8, and their South Coast Conference record remains 3-8.