Wareham flood insurance talk to help residents reduce premiums

May 24, 2018

Wareham will host a free community outreach seminar on flood insurance for residents on June 4 at 6 p.m. in the town hall auditorium.

The event, organized by Director of Inspectional Services David Riquinha, is designed to help educate Wareham residents who live in the floodplain on how to lower their insurance premiums and keep their houses safe.

“A lot of people think that just because they live in the floodplain, they have to pay the highest insurance premiums out there,” Riquinha said. “But in a lot of cases, that’s just not true.”

The seminar will include a presentation by Flood Risk Evaluators to discuss changes to the National Flood Insurance Program, as well as mitigation steps and home owner savings.

“There are a lot of steps people can take to lower their insurance premiums,” Riquinha said. “So we want to work with people one-on-one to make sure their getting the best plan.”

The presentation will be followed by a question and answer session where attendees will have a chance to talk with a certified floodplain manager one-on-one until 8 p.m.

“The whole idea is to help people figure out if they’re spending too much,” said Flood Risk Evaluators representative Josh Reuter. “A lot of people have questions about their insurance policies that haven’t been answered for years, and we can answer those in less than fifteen minutes.”

Reuter said Flood Risk Evaluators will also offer free elevation certificate reviews. Elevation certificates are used to determine premium rates on homes susceptible to flood damage and should be kept as up to date as possible.

“Just because you’re in the flood zone doesn’t mean you need to pay the maximum rate,” Riquinha said. “We want to help our residents get on the right track.”

Those interested in attending the seminar should bring a copy of their elevation certificate and flood insurance policy. Sign up is available at www.warehamoutreach.eventbrite.com.