Ready, set, go! First graders enjoy field day at Decas Elementary

Jun 12, 2018

First graders at Decas Elementary got to enjoy their field day on Tuesday after being rained out on June 5.

The students came from five different classrooms. They hit the ground running, jumping and even rolling, much to the joy of teacher and Dean of Students Deanna Semple.

"We couldn't have asked for a better day," Semple said.

Students spent the morning engaging in various sports before closing out the afternoon with a series of relay races.

Classrooms competed against each other for first, second and third place in the individual races.

"The kids get really into," Semple said. "And so do some of the teachers."

Semple joked that one teacher had even been training since last spring.

Students laughed and cheered their teammates on from the sidelines. By the time the relay races ended, balloons were popped and eggs were smashed.

Field day came to a close with an informal award ceremony, celebrating students for their athletic achievements over the course of the year.

"They really do give it their all," said Semple.