Wareham singer and songwriter Grace Morrison prepares for  second album release

Jun 20, 2018

Performer and songwriter Grace Morrison, a Wareham native, said its hard to pin down her musical style, though she does identify with folk singers.

She simply describes her work as songs that tell stories.

“Traditionally, I guess that makes them more folk,” Morrison said. “But I always feel like I’m somewhere more in between.”

Morrison is preparing to release her second full album this October. Titled “Reasons”, Morrison says the CD will be a journey into the stories of what drives us as human beings.

“People will always say that they do something because of their kids or their spouse,” Morrison said. “And I really wanted to dive into all that idea of things that motivate us to act or not act in certain situations.”

Like her previous album, “I’m the Apple”, “Reasons” draws heavy inspiration from Morrison’s life in Wareham. Morrison grew up in Parkwood Beach, and her family has lived in Wareham since the 18th century. Her grandparent’s house in Onset now serves as a studio.

Morrison uses the space to teach music, offering lessons in everything from piano to ukulele to guitar. As Morrison describes it, she’s very “Wareham Strong”.

“I love this town,” Morrison said. “It’s been such an inspiring place to live.”

The first single off Morrison’s new album, called “The Beast”, will be released on June 19.

“It’s kind of about how much a person can take before they decide to fight back,” Morrison said.

The song was originally drafted as a piece for a short horror film, but Morrison said that the longer she worked on the song, the stronger it’s connections to the “Me Too” movement became. An international movement against sexual harassment and assault, “Me Too” gained widespread recognition in 2017 when several celebrities stepped forward to promote its message.

“I realized it was a song about the all the reasons why women don’t come forward right away,” Morrison said. “And as a society, I don’t think we talk about those reasons enough.”

Morrison said she’s hopeful that “The Beast” and other songs from “Reasons” will help people to open a dialogue about what fuels the decisions they make.

Morrison has taken several steps to raise funds for the production of her new album, including crowd sourcing with the help of an IndieGoGo campaign.