Wareham alt-rock band prepares to release new EP, music video

Jul 22, 2018

Wareham-based alt-rock band Plastic Angels is gearing up to release a new extended play record in October as well as a locally filmed music video for their single "Bloody Sheets".

The EP, called "Wake", will feature a total of five tracks written and composed by the husband and wife duo Jeff and Bethany Lawson.

The pair met while playing in cover bands and started writing songs together shortly after they began dating. Bethany specializes in lyrics and melodies while Jeff does the instrumentals.

"Our tastes are wildly different," Bethany said. "But that actually helps us work really well together."

Two years ago, the pair traveled to New York where they recorded their EP "Kings of the World" with grammy nominated producer Joel Hamilton in Brooklyn.

"Working with Joel was like a dream come true," Jeff said. "He's produced people like Nora Jones and Iggy Pop."

Plastic Angels went on from New York to play shows all over the country from Boston to Los Angeles.

"We got to play The Bitter End in Manhattan," Bethany said. "It's New York's oldest rock club, and people like Bob Dylan and Lady Gaga have done sets there. It was huge moment for us."

After their performance at The Bitter End, Bethany and Jeff ran into Taylor Hawkins, the drummer from the Foo Fighters, who was sitting at the bar.

"He said he really enjoyed our set," Jeff said. "And that just made everything worth it."

The Plastic Angels have put in a lot of work to be where they are today according to Bethany, including several drives back and forth from major cities to play shows.

"There aren't a lot of venues near Wareham," Bethany said. "So some days we'd drive to New York, do a forty-five minute set, and drive back the same night."

"It's what you have to do if you want to try and make a name for yourself," Jeff added. "And we've struggled with a lot of self doubt along the way."

The couple's music is described as both alternative and pop rock by Jeff, though the subjects of their songs can be personal and even controversial according to Bethany.

The first single to be released off "Wake" in September is titled "Bloody Sheets" and deals with Bethany's experience of sexual assault.

"It's uncomfortable," Bethany said. "But it's something people need to be talking about."

Plastic Angels is recording their EP with the help of producer Jon Evans and Brick Hill Studios in Orleans.

"It's always scary when you start working with a new producer," Jeff said. "But Jon vibes with us really well. He given us this raw and emotional sound, almost like you're watching us live."

"Bloody Sheets" will also be getting a locally filmed music video, which is a first for the Plastic Angels.

"Everything we've done before is just a recording of a performance," Jeff said. "Narrative is very new to us."

So far filming for "Bloody Sheets" has taken place on Hathaway Street and along Buzzards Bay. The couple plans to film in Onset next.

"We reached out to the community when we started filming," Bethany said. "I was afraid that people might walk away when they learned the subject matter, but so far everyone has been very supportive."

After the release of "Wake" in October, Jeff said the Plastic Angels will be looking to play at festivals such as South by Southwest in Texas and Namn in California.

"We're shooting for bigger and better," Jeff said. "But we've never forgotten where we're from."