Wareham Selectmen accept gifts, 1 worth $410, the other $30,000

Jul 24, 2018

Selectmen accepted two gifts on behalf of the town Tuesday night, one worth $410 and the other $30,000.

The first gift was from former Cemetery Commissioner Deborah Rose. She offered to cover the cost of the town printing the new cemetery regulations commissioners spent the past two years drafting.

Selectmen noted Rose would be moving out of town soon and wanted to give something back.

“This is my own contribution to the Town of Wareham and its residents,” she wrote in a letter. “I have enjoyed acting as a cemetery commissioner and will be leaving with many happy memories.”

The second gift was from Pharmacannis Massachusetts, Inc. The medical marijuana company recently opened a dispensary on Main Street after years of planning and delays. Known as Verilife, the dispensary is scheduled to start selling marijuana for recreational use this summer pending state approval.

Town Administrator Derek Sullivan said the gift was appreciated.

“It’s a nice, good faith gesture for them to donate $30,000 as a gift to the town,” said Sullivan. “I appreciate that and hope more will follow.”