Officials: dog owner cited after leaving pet in hot car in Wareham

Aug 6, 2018

The Wareham Department of Natural Resources hit the owner of a dog left in a hot car with a fine on Sunday, Aug. 5.

According to officials, the animal was left inside the car with a single window 2 inches open while it was 86 degrees outside. The dog owner’s family was eating in a Wareham restuarant when a Department of Natural Resources officer found the animal, officials said.

“This is unacceptable due to the heat issue and leaving a dog in a vehicle is not acceptable, you will receive the maximum citation allowed by law,” officials posted on the department’s Facebook page.

In 2016, Gov. Charlie Baker signed a law making it illegal to leave pets in vehicles where they are subject to danger from extreme weather. The law carries a civil penalty of up to $150 for the first offense. It also grants first responders immunity from civil and criminal charges when saving pets and allows bystanders to save animals, provided they act in good faith and notify officials before attempting the rescue.

Officials said the dog’s owner was located and fined.