2 Wareham residents charged with disturbing the peace

Oct 19, 2018

Wareham Police arrested and charged a man and a woman with disorderly conduct on Oct. 18 after they were questioned by officers.

Edwin Benitiz-Figueroa, 36, of Wareham, and Melissa Gaudette, 33, of East Wareham, were both charged with disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.   

Police said at about 7 p.m., Officer Charles Pillsbury spoke with a man who said while he was driving on Onset Avenue Benitiz-Figueroa slapped his car. The driver said he stopped and gave $20 to Benitiz-Figueroa, explaining to the officer he felt sorry for him. The driver then called police.

Officers Charles Pillsbury and Joseph Cardoza later located Benitiz-Figueroa, who was now with Gaudette.

Police said while being questioned, Benitiz-Figueroa began to scream obscenities at the officers, while throwing his arms in the air. Police said Gaudette was arrested for allegedly attempting to get inside the police car where Benitiz-Figueroa was placed.