Alleged assailant in woman’s death to be detained until trial

Dec 15, 2020

Christopher William Ball-Roemer, the 45-year-old homeless man accused in the death of Teena Hill, a 48-year-old homeless woman, will be held without bail until his trial. 

A judge ruled that Ball-Roemer be detained before his trial because “there are no conditions of release that will reasonably assure the defendant will not pose a danger to the safety of the community” and “the defendant is unlikely to abide... by any conditions of release.”

Ball-Roemer is facing one charge of assault and battery against a household or family member.

According to police: On the morning of Wednesday, Dec. 2, Ball-Roemer called his mother and told her that he had killed his girlfriend, Hill, and that he wanted to be picked up. He told his mother that he and Hill had been drinking and “beating on each other” the night before, and when he woke up, he found Hill dead.

His mother refused and instead called police. 

Police located the tent that Ball-Roemer and Hill had been staying in behind Water Wizz. 

Sergeant Daniel Flaherty observed Ball-Roemer sleeping next to Hill’s body, and shook him awake by the feet. When asked what had happened to Hill, Ball-Roemer “mumbled something about her hitting her head on a tree.”

The pair had been in a relationship since about April. An acquaintance told police that both drank heavily on a daily basis. According to his mother, Ball-Roemer has attention-deficit disorder, bipolar schizophrenia and Tourette’s.

Other members of the homeless community said that there had been past physical altercations between the two. One acquaintance of the couple said that Ball-Roemer had been very controlling of Hill and would take her phone or EBT card.

Police found Hill’s EBT card in Ball-Roemer’s possessions.

Friends of Hill described her as lovable, good-hearted and happy-go-lucky. She was a mother of two.

The next hearing in the case is Jan. 4.