Assistant Superintendent not chosen for top job in Dartmouth

Apr 3, 2023

Wareham Public Schools Assistant Superintendent Dr. Andrea Schwamb was unsuccessful in her bid to become superintendent of Dartmouth Public Schools.

The Dartmouth School Committee ultimately chose Dr. June Saba-Maguire, assistant superintendent of Brockton Public Schools, for the top job. 

To Schwamb, however, it was an honor just to be nominated.

“The overall experience was fantastic,” she said. “I believe that Dr. Saba-Maguire will do really well. I am happy for her.” 

She added that she was grateful to have met Dartmouth school officials, and that she respected the “difficult decision” made by the School Committee. 

Schwamb campaigned on her years of experience in Wareham and her emphasis on increasing student math and literacy standards.

She was a third finalist, edged out by Saba-Maguire and Dr. Robert Gerardi, superintendent of the New Shoreham School Department on Block Island, Rhode Island. 

Dartmouth School Committee member Dr. Shannon Jenkins said that public opinion in Dartmouth was split between Saba-Maguire and Gerardi. 

Part of the vetting process involved Dartmouth School Committee members visiting the candidates’ respective school districts.

“When Dartmouth came to visit,” Schwamb said, “they spoke very highly of Wareham Public Schools. I appreciated that and felt proud.” 

She plans to stay in Wareham, where she is “happy,” but is still searching for opportunities to become superintendent at another district. 

“I would not change anything,” she said. “I reflect and learn with every experience. This is not a competition for me. It is about growth.”