Basketball hoops to be replaced

Nov 10, 2020

The basketball hoops at courts across town will be replaced this week, according to Town Administrator Derek Sullivan. 

The hoops were taken down in July after pick-up basketball games that drew hundreds of people made town officials concerned about the potential spread of coronavirus.

Over the last few months, as covid cases rose, the state color-coded Wareham yellow and eventually the town moved into the red, according to the state’s system.

After much controversy, Sullivan promised those who asked for the hoops to be put back up that the town hoped to put up at least one hoop per court whenever the town was back in the green.

This week the town is back in the green — largely because the state changed its criteria for color coding to adjust for the smaller population of some towns.

“With the recent changes from the Commonwealth, we are in the green, so we’re standing by what we said we’d do,” Sullivan said.