Book it: Barnes & Noble is coming to town

Apr 3, 2023

Wareham is getting a new bookstore for the first time in over a decade.

Barnes & Noble plans to open a new location in Wareham Crossing this summer, with opening day currently scheduled for Wednesday, June 14. 

“We always think it’s really important to have a good bookstore in an area,” said Barnes & Noble Director of Store Planning and Design Janine Flanigan. 

The store, located in the former Dress Barn between Talbots Outlet and Loft, will be just under 8,000 square feet in area.

Wareham, Flanigan said, is the perfect untapped market, having no bookstores in close range. The closest Barnes & Noble is in Dartmouth. 

“This ticks all of our boxes,” Flanigan said. “We thought it would be great to be in that market.

The Wareham store is one of 30 locations that Barnes & Noble plans to open across the country this year. 

Wareham has not had a bookstore since 2011, when the bankruptcy of the Borders bookstore chain forced its 25,000-square-foot location in Wareham Crossing to close. The former Borders is now home to Wines & More.