Cannabis-based topical products manufacturer could head to Wareham

Nov 10, 2020

The Board of Selectmen gave Town Administrator Derek Sullivan, with the assistance of Town Planner Ken Buckland, permission to negotiate a host community agreement with BeachGrass Topicals, a business that will manufacture cannabis-based topical products for medicinal purposes, at the board meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 10.

BeachGrass Topicals’ proposed facility would be located at 3103 Cranberry Highway, in the same plaza as Pizza Boy and Anytime Fitness. Jeanine MacKenzie, the entrepreneur championing the potential business, said she plans to manufacture products in her facility and sell them to local dispensaries, rather than directly to the public. No retail sale would occur at the 3103 Cranberry Highway facility.

The topical products — made from CBD and THC extracts and essential oils — would primarily be used for pain relief. Although CBD and THC extracts are the main components of marijuana, topical products made from those components do not produce a psychoactive effect.

It is unclear exactly what the host community agreement will entail at this time.