Cause and effect

Nov 1, 2019

To the Editor:

It’s a shame that your online comment section has to be discontinued, but understandably so. It was abused frequently by a mean-spirited peanut gallery who saw fit to chronically hurl insults about the appearances and circumstances of people who were pictured in the police reports. Too often the cruel comments went beyond the pale and it became too much a burden for you to monitor the vitriol, so the abusers have themselves to blame for the censorship. I will miss aspects of the Comments section, but I’m sure that I speak for many that we’re relieved for them to lose the forum for their cyber bullying.  
I never chose to comment online about the abuse, so as not to become their next target for ridicule. To those anonymous commentators using a pseudonym: I’m glad that I don’t know who you are because I would like to go on assuming the best in people, versus the worst which you project on your fellow citizens and then take pleasure in demeaning them. Cynically, I could suggest that you all share a downtown window seat and continue getting your jollies making fun of other people’s appearances. Instead, our town would be a happier and healthier place with more empathy and common decency. Please try it.  
Jackson Gillman