Committee chooses design details as new school construction continues

Aug 31, 2020

As construction on the new elementary school on Minot Avenue continues to be about two weeks ahead of schedule and under budget, the members of the School Building Committee are getting down to details and making choices about the color schemes and other design elements for the school.

On Monday night, the committee voted on several design elements, including the color scheme for flooring throughout the school.

The gymnasium and physical and occupational therapy rooms will be floored with recycled tire rubber flooring that will be black with rainbow flecks of color.

The classrooms will have different color schemes for the different grades. While a wood grain-style linoleum will cover most of the area of the floor in all the classrooms, first and second grade classrooms will have sections of gold and blue flooring, while third and fourth grade rooms will have gold and almost lime green highlights.

That lime green color will reappear on the surfaces of many pieces of cafeteria equipment, and the gymnasium will likely have a blue and gold color scheme.

Construction is continuing to be ahead of schedule: The last concrete slabwork will be poured in the cafeteria in the next week or so, and concrete brickwork around the gym has already begun. Sections of the roof are beginning to be insulated, as are exterior walls.

Work has begun on the steel structure of one staircase.