Couple follows pickleball craze to 50 states

Oct 10, 2023

Local players at the Onset Village pickleball courts recently hosted visitors from the far-off city of Cleveland, Ohio. 

Husband-and-wife team Daryl and Rose Sconyers visited Onset on Tuesday, Oct. 10. They came as part of their effort to play pickleball in all 50 states. 

The popularity of pickleball has swelled in recent years. It has been the fastest growing sport in America for three years in a row, according to the Sports and Fitness Industry Association. 

The Sconyers picked it up after passing by empty courts near their house and wondering why no one was playing when they passed. After learning they were pickleball courts — pickleball players go early in the morning and late at night, said Daryl — they bought a starter kit and began playing. 

They have met a lot of nice people through the game, said Rose. 

The game has also become one of a number of ways the Sconyers stay active. 

In addition to pickleball, the couple enjoys volleyball, golf and snowboarding. They played volleyball five days a week when they first got married, and are planning to play golf as well as pickleball in all 50 states. 

Onset Village serves as the Massachusetts stop of the Sconyers' Northeast trip, during which trip they’ll check off nine states from their to-do list.