Dog bites officer in unruly incident

Oct 19, 2020

The Wareham Department of Natural Resources came to the rescue of someone trapped in a small boat by two aggressive dogs on October 16 near Pinehurst Drive.

The person was attempting to come to shore, but was unable due to the dogs’ aggression. The two dogs were not leashed.

A natural resources officer attempted to secure the dogs, and one tried to bite the officer. The officer struck the dog in self-defense, causing the dogs to retreat briefly before one bit the officer on the leg. The dogs then ran off.

Eventually, the dogs’ owner was found, and the owner corralled the dogs.

The owner was cited for loose and unlicensed dogs, and the Board of Selectmen will hold a dangerous dog hearing about the incident.

The officer did not require medical treatment for the bite. 

There is a leash law in Wareham, and pets should be under control at all times, the department emphasized. Licensing can be completed at the Town Clerk’s office.