Easter egg dash kicks off spring

Apr 14, 2019

Hundreds of children collected 8,000 eggs in about one minute on Sunday at the Onset Bay Association’s Annual Easter Egg Hunt.

The eggs, stuffed with candy, small prizes, and coupons were scattered across Prospect Park by volunteers. Kids lined the edges of the park in anticipation and waited until the stroke of eleven to dash onto the grass and madly collect the eggs.

Kat Jones, the executive director of the Onset Bay Association, has been organizing the event for eight or ten years. The hunt is co-sponsored by the Wareham Best Buddies Program and Marc Anthony’s, which hosted a pancake breakfast ahead of the hunt. Proceeds from the breakfast supported the Best Buddies program, which encourages friendships between students with and without special needs.

“It’s just a fun little event, the kids love it,” Jones said. “It starts at 11 and ends in about 60 seconds — the eggs are gone. Literally 60 seconds, eight thousand eggs, gone.”

After the hunt, kids are encouraged to hand in the plastic eggs (after taking out the prize, of course) for recycling next year.

“Every year, we have had more eggs as the crowd is getting a little bit bigger,” Jones said. “We have a huge force of volunteers that fills all of those eggs, including folks from OBA, but also the people from the Best Buddies program at the Wareham High School. They are instrumental in getting most of the eggs filled.”

The weather on Sunday was perfect, following a delay from Saturday due to rain.

“It's kind of like a kick off to the season and it is a welcome to spring and warmer weather and more events happening around the village,” Jones said. “The village really starts to come alive."