Echo: offering gifts and positive vibes

Apr 8, 2019

Elizabeth Sellon hopes to connect people to the past, the community, and each other at her new store, named Echo.

Although Echo stands for Elizabeth & Company Home Offerings, the name carries a much deeper meaning. The store resides in a building that was constructed in 1890 and originally functioned as a general store for Tremont Nail Company employees. After, the building housed the Old Company Store, where for over 23 years, customers could purchase penny candies, chocolate, jewelry, books, and many more items, often with local connections.

“My store is an echo of the two shops that have been here before,” said Sellon. “At the Tremont Nail Factory store and the Old Company store, customers could buy all the things they needed to make the food for their families and make their house feel like a home. I am an echo of these two incarnations.”

Focused on health and environmental stewardship, Echo features unique, mostly handmade products with little or no packaging. Within the store’s colorful walls, one can find an abundance of home accessories, including art, lighting, toys and floral designs that come from more than 60 local artists.

“I really favor things that aren’t dust collectors, but have a purpose,” said Sellon. “I will not tell people to buy something if they are not certain about it. I want them to love what they are getting here.”

Many items are exclusive to the shop. But besides offering guests an array of in-home design and natural personal care products, Sellon has another trick up her sleeve: two workshop studios in which she regularly hosts fun events at which participants can make soap, coastal magnets, and beach photos, along with other crafts and works of art.

“We all need to know how to express ourselves, whether it is from a traumatic event or just because we are happy people,” said Sellon. “Anytime you are creating something with intent, you are creating art, and art is life.”

Elizabeth worked as a professional garden designer for 20 years, creating outdoor spaces in Marion, Duxbury, Falmouth, and other Cape Cod areas and has a degree in landscape development and ornamental horticulture. A believer in the “power of space to uplift your energy,” Elizabeth decorated, painted, and organized the whole store, filling it with plants, vibrant colors, and lots of positive vibes.

“I have a very exuberant zest for life and positivity and I believe that you can manifest magic if you want to,” said Sellon. “There's so much to be grateful for and so much to be happy about, so if this store uplifts three or four people a week, I’ve done my job. And meanwhile, who doesn't love gifts?”

The store’s grand opening will be on April 27 and on April 28 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and will include workshops, including creating a seal pup out of air dry clay, drawing water lilies in pastels, and crafting flowers from antique sea glass, among other activities. Adults and children are welcomed to sign up. For the full list of the grand opening events, visit Echo Facebook page or see the ‘Grand opening events’ attachment in this article.