Edith Daniels

Feb 16, 2024

“Sunshine on my Shoulder makes me so happy. Sunshine in my eyes can make me cry Sunshine on the water looks so lovely.” John Denver who met Edith at Long Beach California wrote and sang this song, "Sunshine was Edith"

As our lives rapidly progressed from childhood, we learned Mom wasn’t our private sunshine to exclusively cherish and hold in the palms of our hands. Capturing her beauty and shine on a piece of paper is just as merciless as holding a butterfly in our grasp. During her teen years spent on those vast white sands of Belmont Shores in Long Beach, a scrawny lifeguard fell in love with this angel. Sitting across from her, with the sun’s last warming glow of rays cascading down her shoulders dissolving into the horizon, that lifeguard captured her beauty and loving innocence into words. Edith Ann Daniels was the sunshine that made so many so happy.

Born in Niagara Falls NY, her father worked at a chemical company now a superfund site. The family moved to Long Beach California where she graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School. She went on to California State University Long Beach and finished with an Associate degree in English. During high school and college, her hand made clothing became legendary. She was always known for her style grace and beauty (we can’t leave out that she was a Vidal Sassoon model who made famous the “bob” haircut). In adulthood and coping with loss of her mother she had a calling to nursing; specifically helping others during their final path of life. As she often said, “most people die alone and it’s an honor to spend that time with them.” In her 50’s she became a nurse working for nearly a decade at Cape Cod Hospice. She had patients for months with no visiting family members or loved ones towards their end of life. She would read books for hours to them, tell stories of our crazy family and nutty stream of pets over the years. She could fill weeks with tales about the swearing Africa Grey parrot that showed up at the door, or our collie Rocky egging on that big clumsy Great Dane Bullwinkle to steal the 20-pound Christmas dinner turkey. Through sharing her life experiences, she brought rays of sunshine and limitless love into their final life journeys.

Memories of childhood come full circle thinking about all who were brought into the family fold. Growing up in the house with the unusual open-door policy, she had countless people calling her mom. She treated each and every person with respect, kindness, and love. Sure, she had 5 biological children, however she had an immeasurable number of other children she loved just as her own. With her deep love of people, non-fiction books and history you could always count on lively and engrossing conversations on any subject lasting hours and days over casseroles of lasagna. She cherished being a mom; she loved that role.

With collective hearts tearing in half during a sudden magical soft falling snow, Edith Ann Daniels, passed away at home wrapped in the warmth and love of family on Thursday January 18, 2024. Despite being a mom to a large family, she was most fond of her role as Mrs. Daniels, the loving wife to Robert P Goodspeed Daniels for over 35 years. Closing your eyes, you can still see the two of them strolling on the beach together on the Cape, laughing and sharing a private joke. She was the always loving compassionate and beautiful mother to Julie Phillips, Jennifer Phillips, Jay Phillips (wife Kimberly Phillips) Janna Phillips, Joe Phillips (wife Susan Wood), and stepmother to Jared P. Daniels, and Abigail (Daniels) Mitchell. Her favorite role later in life though was as the most amazing grandma to ever exist. Sam Richter, Alex Phillips, Spencer Phillips, and Morgan Phillips, you will always have an incredible grandma with you offering boundless love at your side.

Services and burial in Moss Wood Cemetery in Cotuit will be held at a later date attentively 28 March 2024, when the sun is setting over the ocean, and the air is warm; just how she liked the Cape. To leave a message of condolence for the family please visit only www.warehamvillagefuneralhome.com. Messages and condolences at any other websites will not be receivable. We look forward to reading the shared memories (we know there’s a lot of them) and kindness she deserves. Love to all of you