Face tattoo helps police find suspect

Nov 20, 2019

A face tattoo gave away a Wareham resident who tried to rob a convenience store in Pawtucket, Rhode Island on Nov. 14.  

The Pawtucket police said that two people entered the store at 248 West Ave., at around 10 p.m. Both suspects had bandanas covering their faces, and brandished knives.

The clerk tried to fight them off using a baseball bat, but one of the suspects managed to open the register and grab some cash. 

During the struggle, one of the robber’s bandanas slipped, exposing her face tattoo, before the pair fled.

Patrol officers found a woman matching the robber’s description and took her into custody.

Rebecca Vasconcellos, 30, of Maple Spring Rd., Wareham, was charged with first-degree robbery and conspiracy.

Two days later, her boyfriend, Erik Reardon, 37, of Maple Spring Rd., Wareham, was also arrested on a warrant by the police in Wareham, where he also faces charges.