Finding darkness in the eclipsed light

Apr 9, 2024

As the moon rolled over the sun the afternoon of Monday, April 8, Wareham residents donned their protective shades and headed outside to stare up at the sky. 

Onlookers across the town — and across the country — shared in the eclipse, the last to hit this part of North America until 2044, according to NASA.

A group of “avid watchers” gathered in the courtyard of the Wareham Free Library, viewing the eclipse through protective glasses as well as other more indirect methods, including holding up a colander to see the shape of the eclipse projected onto the ground. 

Eclipse-watchers outside the library had “so much fun with science,” according to the Wareham Free Library.

Gerasimos Stasinos and George Kalkanis watched the eclipse from Merchants Way, just behind Main Street. They were two of many who gathered to see the celestial phenomenon. 

Viewers in Wareham, and much of Massachusetts, saw a 90% eclipse according to NASA mapping. 

Stasinos — the self described “town weatherman” — said he’d never seen anything like it; Kalkanis said he may have, but not for a long while.