First Congregational Church holds Harvest and Holly fair

Nov 18, 2023

The Harvest and Holly craft fair, held Saturday, Nov. 18, offered an escape from the blustery weather of a New England November. 

The First Congregational Church of Wareham held the fair, an annual event. 

"I've done this for years, since I've joined the church," said co-chair of the church group behind the fair, Michele Sabourin. 

The event is the church's biggest fundraiser of the year, Sabourin said. 

She added church members spend months making the crafts to be sold at the fair. 

Local markets donated produce for a ‘farmer’s market’ table, providing the ‘Harvest’ part of the festival, said Dawn, who ran the table. 

The fair also had ten or eleven outside vendors in attendance. 

The vendors appreciate the craft fair because it's a smaller scale than others in the region, said Lydia, one of the people helping with the event. 

The Farnham family, one among the crowd attending the craft fair, said they come to the event every year. 

Abby Farnham took a liking to a hand-made cupcake ornament. Her brother Charlie said his favorite part of the fair was "Everything."