First responders tackle rollover crash and two boating emergencies in three hours

Jun 18, 2020

Wareham’s first responders have had a hectic day, responding to a rollover car accident near Wareham Crossing just after 10 a.m., followed by a boat accident at around 10:45 a.m. and another boat that capsized at about 12:45 p.m.

The first incident involved a driver whose vehicle rolled over and ended up on its side between two parked cars in the auto lot next to BB’s Restaurant. 

Assistant Wareham Fire Chief Patrick Haskell said that the position of the car was precarious enough that crews had to first use equipment to secure it and keep it from rolling over. 

A firefighter then entered the vehicle, which was similar to an SUV, through the trunk and helped the victim get out the same way. The victim was then transported to Tobey Hospital before being airlifted to a trauma center. 

The first boating accident on Cromesett Point occurred at about 10:45 when a boat drove directly into the rocks. The passengers on the boat were uninjured, but the boat was damaged. The boat was not taking on water. 

Wareham Fire, the Harbormaster, Towboat US, and the Massachusetts Environmental Police all responded to the scene.

Two hours later, and about a thousand yards away from the first incident, a small aluminum boat with three passengers capsized. Wareham Fire responded and rescued the three victims from the water. The Harbormaster assisted with the capsized boat and navigated it out from the rocky area so that Towboat US could take control of the vessel. The victims were brought to shore and evaluated by Wareham Emergency Medical Services. 

Haskell said that in the summertime, especially with beautiful weather like Wareham has had this week, the number of water calls increases dramatically.

He urged boaters and passengers to use common sense and pay attention to safety when on the water.

“It’s really really important to make sure that anybody that is on a boat wears a lifejacket or a personal floatation device,” Haskell said. 

He explained that life jackets help people stay afloat, as treading water in the cold ocean is incredibly strenuous, and the bright yellow or orange color of floatation devices also makes people easier to spot in a rescue situation. 

Haskell said that wearing a life jacket is the most important precaution anyone can take to make sure that in case of an accident, they can make it out of the water safely.