Garage fire in Onset believed to be suspicious, department says

Apr 7, 2022

A fire that destroyed a vacant garage and melted fencing across the street last night is “believed to be suspicious in nature,” the Onset Fire Department said. As of Monday morning, the fire was still being investigated, and the cause of the fire was still undetermined, according to Captain Ryan Quinn.

Firefighters received reports of a structural fire around 9 p.m. Wednesday on Robinwood Road, the department said in a press release. The department sent a fire engine and about 25 firefighters to the scene, and the fire was put out in less than an hour.

On Thursday morning, charred remains of the garage were visible from the road. Across the street from the wreckage, parts of white fencing had curled unto the ground, melted from the heat of the fire.

The Wareham Police Department helped the fire crew conduct a fire investigation after the flames were extinguished, the release states. Station coverage was also provided by the Bourne Fire Department.

“The building is considered a total loss, with neighboring properties being damaged from radiant heat,” the release states. “If it was not for the dedicated members of Onset Fire Department, with the majority of them responding from off duty, the incident would not have been stabilized in the timely manner it was.”

The fire department said the cause of the fire is under investigation, and more details will be released as they become available. Anyone with information about the fire is encouraged to contact The Wareham Police Department or the Onset Fire Department at the Wareham Police Tip Line: (508) 291-2300.