GATRA will continue service to Shangri La

Oct 12, 2021

GATRA has decided not to cut service to the Shangri La neighborhood in Wareham, following feedback from Selectmen Alan Slavin and other community members.

Slavin said that he reached out to the agency, and several people wrote into GATRA to tell them how important the service in Shangri La is, causing the agency to drop that proposed change.

“There’s a need for transportation all through the Wareham area,” Slavin said. 

The Select Board voiced its opposition to the proposed cut to Shangri La service at an Oct. 5 meeting. Shangri La is the neighborhood in East Wareham on the north end of Glen Charlie Road, which is also known as White Island Shores.

In late September, the agency announced several proposed changes to its routes through Wareham, primarily due to low ridership. Although it has dropped the cut to Shangri La service, several other changes are still possible. 

The hub for GATRA bus service would be moved to the Wareham Village Station — the train station on Main Street behind the Wareham Fire Department. 

Service to the portion of Cranberry Highway between Main Avenue and Onset Avenue would be cut, and some sections of the route would become no-stop zones, because there are no safe places for buses to stop in those areas.

Another meeting to discuss the proposed changes to the Wareham route will be scheduled.

For more information, go to To provide comment without attending a meeting, call GATRA at 800-483-2500, text GATRA at 774-406-4911 or email