Girls Softball hosts annual car wash

Jun 8, 2019

It was a busy day at the Wareham Fire Station on Main Street as customers dug into their pockets, not for a car wash, but to help Wareham Girls Softball team.

“I wash my car here every year,” said resident Miranda Brown. “It makes me happy that I can get my car ready for the summer and also help our team. The girls do a terrific job and I will definitely come back next year.”

Cars were washed for free, but customers were encouraged to make a donation. The money raised will benefit the youth league and will be used to sponsor softball clinics and purchase gear for the players.

“We are just finishing up the spring season. The summer and fall seasons are coming up,” said the fundraiser chairman, Liz Lambert. “We use the money to keep the games going and to help girls get all the equipment they need.”

Last year, the players raised $1,300 and were hoping to get a larger turnout this weekend. But despite their goal to get as many cars as possible squeaky clean, the girls remembered to have fun during the process.

“We get to wash the car with sponges and soap, and we get to hold the signs, and I also really like water splashes and the music,” said five-year-old Makenna Diede.