Grace Lighthouse Church serves 250 Thanksgiving dinners

Nov 21, 2022

Pastor David Beguerie calls it a miracle. 

He and his flock at Grace Lighthouse Church raised the money to purchase 200 Thanksgiving dinners from Lindsey’s Family Restaurant. When almost 40 volunteers served those meals at the church on Saturday, Nov. 19, they fed 250 people — and still had leftovers at the end of the night, which the church distributed to various people and organizations.

“The food gets multiplied as we serve it,” Beguerie said. “God knew what we needed and provided us to feed the people that came to our door.”

Grace Lighthouse Church has been serving meals every Thanksgiving since Beguerie became pastor in 2016. The number of people they feed has increased by 10% every year. This year, 150 people received drive-in meals while over 75 dined inside the church.

“Oh my goodness,” Beguerie said, “there’s so many authentic moments that happen with this outreach. The gratitude that pours out from the community. Many of these people do not attend Grace Lighthouse Church, but they know that they are welcome any time.” 

Beguerie said that the annual dinner is a “continual bridge” from the church to the community.

“It is a blessing to everyone who is part of this event,” he said, “both the giver and the receiver.”