Grace Lighthouse installs sign, goes online

Apr 11, 2020

Grace Lighthouse Church purchased land at 2703 Cranberry Highway nearly six months ago with the goal of building a new place of worship.
While they have not yet broken ground, the church has made a mark on the land to spread the word about weekly streamed services online by installing a new sign.
The sign is mounted on the poles that supported the Grossman’s Lumber Yard sign for fifty years, drawing a connection between the land’s past and future.
While the church is unable to hold services in person due to the coronavirus pandemic, Pastor Dave Beguerie has been working with his family and church members to livestream services each week. 

“Every week, we’ve developed a little more,” Beguerie said, noting that the church has added graphics, music, and higher production value to the sermons. 

He is also considering hosting drive-in services at the church’s future home on Cranberry Highway, pending the town’s approval. 

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