Grandparents’ Day Parade at All American

Sep 14, 2020

The residents and staff at All American Assisted Living gathered in the late morning sunshine on Sunday for a parade of kids, grandkids, and even some All American staffers — one of the first activities planned for National Assisted Living Week.

Kids waved from cars, flying flags or holding home-made signs, much to the delight of the residents.

“She’s cute as a button!” exclaimed one resident to a proud grandfather as his granddaughter waved.

Other events coming up include a talent show and an obstacle course which staff will compete through.

Mike Campbell, who moved to All American earlier this year after successfully getting better from a case of covid-19 he contracted elsewhere, said he appreciated how safe and cared for he feels at All American.

And he’s got big plans for the talent show: Art to display, and songs to sing and play on the harmonica. He even joked about doing a wheelie in his wheelchair.