Helping California wildfire victims is on tap at Wareham’s Stone Path Malt

Jan 10, 2019

A new brew at Stone Path Malt started raising glasses and funds for California wildfire victims this week.

All proceeds from sales of the limited-edition beer will benefit victims of California’s Camp Fire. The fire, which is the deadliest in state history, started on Nov. 8. It killed 86 people and destroyed 14,000 homes.

In mid-November, the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. invited brewers across the country to make Resilience Butte County Proud IPA using its recipe.

Michael Schroth, co-owner of Stone Path Malt, said his business was one of thousands that answered the call. Stone Path partnered with two Massachusetts breweries and donated the malt used to make the beer.

“With local hops and local malt we crafted a west coast style IPA using Sierra Nevada’s recipe,” said Schroth. “This effort brought craft brewers in the northeast and the rest of the country together to help out those in northern California.” 

The malt was donated to Down The Road Brewing Co. and Wachusett Brewing. Resilience Butte County Proud IPA has been on tap at both places since December.

This week, Schroth said Stone Path Malt started selling the beer after both breweries donated a couple of kegs.

Stone Path Malt opened in September at 11 Kendrick Road. Schroth said his company has also donated to local causes since opening, including Damien’s Food Pantry.

Earlier this winter, the company collected more than 500 food items and $250 for the Wareham-based food pantry.

“We realize there are people here at home who need help as well,” said Schroth.

Stone Path Malt is open Wednesday through Friday from 4 to 8 p.m. and on Saturday from 1 to 8 p.m. and Sunday 1 to 4 p.m. For more information, visit Stone Path Malt’s Facebook page for upcoming events.