High School athletes take to the track for outdoor season

Apr 24, 2024

Track may look similar done indoors and out, but there are some differences, including a few more events, said Head Coach for Wareham High School Track Chris Gardner.

The track team is about halfway through its season, said Gardner. He added, this week into the next three the team will “really get into it” and put in the practice and repetitions to get where it needs to be.

Both boys and girls track has seen success previously in sprints, jumps and hurdles, but recently the program has seen a lot of improvement in throwing, and the girls track has seen a lot improvement in distance races, said Gardner.

The team’s improvements paid off in the first home meet of the year, held Tuesday, April 23.

The girls team won out over both other schools in attendance, Blue Hills and Holbrook. The boys team defeated Hollbrook but lost to Blue Hills for a one-and-one scoreline.