High school students put on ‘fairy walk’

May 11, 2022

Dressed in fairy wings and anointed with pixie dust, Wareham High School students put on a fairy and gnome art walk Wednesday night, drawing a solid crowd despite the misty cold.

The night offered students a chance to display their pieces from art class in a new way, and art teacher Amy Dion said the partially outside gallery helped bring people together.

“We’ve also been apart for a lot of this time,” Dion said.

Visiting families could embark on a number of fairy-related activities at the high school Wednesday night. Some perused the small wooded area beside the school, which was filled with ceramic pieces poking out from parts of the forested floor. Clay ducks, frogs and mushroom houses could be found nestled next to puddles and trees in the forest, waiting to be discovered.

On a nearby picnic table, some students were helping visitors build fairy houses in the ground.

Art club member Brooke Kidder, who’s in eighth grade, said the materials used to make the fairy houses were all natural, like sticks, stones, feathers and shells.

“There’s also no plastic included,” she said, and the activity helps “to give your fairies a home.”

Inside the school, a line was forming for the children’s face-painting activity, while other kids were excited about the homemade pixie dust they could take home.