Ice impacts car windshield on Bourne Bridge

Feb 16, 2024

Snow and ice on the road is an obvious hazard in the wintertime. Less obvious? The threat of ice falling from overhanging beams. 

Jake Ramey, a 26-year-old Bourne resident, experienced that latter threat on Wednesday, Feb. 14. 

Jake was driving across the Bourne bridge into Wareham around midday when a chunk of ice fell from the bridge and hit the windshield of his truck, said his mother, Joanna Ramy, an Onset resident. 

The ice went right into the driver's side windshield, sliced off the driver's side mirror and dented the side of Jake's truck. Some of the shattered glass injured his ear. 

“I didn’t have any idea what it was,” Jake said. He initially thought it was a piece of equipment fallen from the bridge. Once he realized it was not, the first thing he did was check his neck to make sure he was not bleeding.

Jake was able to continue off the bridge and into a gas station parking lot, where he began making calls. 

“I’m feeling good,” Jake said, several days after the incident. The truck should be back from the shop in a few days, and he escaped without injury. 

All the same, things could have been much worse, Joanna said. The ice that fell didn't make it all the way through the windshield, and there isn't a good place to pull over on the bridge had the impact been worse. 

"I just keep thinking, 'Oh my god, he could have died,'" Joanna said. 

The Massachusetts State Police did not have a record of the incident in its logs, according to Trooper Brandon Doherty of the Office of Media Relations.