Joan Seamans recognized for her work as Minot Forest principal

Jan 6, 2022

With the new Wareham Elementary School open and Bethany Chandler serving as principal, former Minot Forest Elementary School Principal Joan Seamans is stepping into a new role as a district administrator.

But district officials didn’t let that happen without taking time to recognize her years of work as a principal. 

During a meeting on Jan. 6, School Committee Chair Joyce Bacchiocchi emphasized Seamans’ role in the new Wareham Elementary School, which officially opened Tuesday, Jan. 4.  

“When this project started, it was started as a replacement for the Minot Forest school,” Bacchiocchi said. “So you were really the driving force behind that from the beginning.” 

She said the committee wanted to acknowledge Seamans’ efforts and say thank you. 

Superintendent Dr. Kimberly Shaver-Hood recounted key parts of Seamans’ career in Wareham, including her time as principal of Ethel Hammond Elementary School — a position she began in 2002. Just three years later, in 2005, she was named principal of East Hammond and Minot, Shaver-Hood said. 

“During her tenure, she served on numerous committees, participated in countless school activities, has made many friends and is known as our NASCAR principal,” Shaver-Hood said, eliciting laughter from the small crowd of meeting attendees. “We’re very appreciative of the time that Joan has given us.”

Shaver-Hood praised Seamans’ eye for detail, positive attitude, dependability, communication and “superior” organizational skills. 

“I appreciate everything that Joan brought to the district as a principal,” the superintendent concluded. “And I look forward to working with her in central office. So thank you, Joan, we would not be in a new building as wonderful as it is without your help.”

During the meeting, Seamans was gifted the old “Welcome to the Minot Forest School” sign. 

“I’m having my house re-sided,” Seamans joked, evaluating the large sign and suggesting she could make use of it that way.