Kool Kone hosts second annual drive-by Easter event

Apr 4, 2021

On Saturday, a white Easter bunny waved to passing cars from outside Kool Kone. 

She was alerting passing motorists to the second annual Hannah’s Drive-Thru Easter Egg Grab-n-Go, which allows kids to pick up Easter treats while maintaining safe social distance.

Madison Lofgren, the bunny for a day and a Kool Kone employee, said that she got many waves from kids in passing cars.

Those who pulled into the Kool Kone parking lot were treated to a bag full of goodies: an ice cream cone full of candy, some other treats, and little toys. A lucky few even got coveted golden eggs containing Kool Kone gift certificates. 

“It’s going well,” said Hannah Strom, who was passing treat bags to kids.

On Jan. 15, the Marion native (and daughter of the owners of Kool Kone in Wareham) was involved in a serious accident while training with her rowing team in Florida. The team’s van collided with a pickup truck, killing Strom’s teammate Grace Rett and injuring the other coaches and passengers.

For 139 days, Hannah was in medical care. Starting in the Intensive Care Unit in Florida, then at Massachusetts General Hospital and finally at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston. She remained there from Feb. 11 until June 5 when she returned home to a huge surprise parade in town.

In December, she had regained enough strength to do one of her favorite runs from Tabor Academy to Silver Shell Beach in Marion — about a mile run.

She has since returned to school.

The Kool Kone crew was also raising money for the G.R.A.C.E. Center. 

Rett attended Uxbridge High School, which did not have a gym — something she longed for as an athlete. To learn more or donate to that effort, go to ourladyofthevalleyregional.com/the-g-r-a-c-e-center/.