Layoffs avoided, school budget ‘in good shape’

Feb 26, 2021

Although the school district continues to face many coronavirus-related challenges, Wareham Public School employees do not have to worry about at least one thing: layoffs.

Superintendent Dr. Kimberly Shaver-Hood announced the good news during the School Committee meeting on Feb. 25. 

“Because of where we are right now with the FY22 budget, we can safely say that there’ll be no layoffs for any personnel,” she said. “And that’s a wonderful thing to share.”

Shaver-Hood said it has been many years since the district was able to rule out possible layoffs this way.

“Actually, we’ll be looking to add some staff in certain areas,” she added, though she did not specify what departments might seek additional personnel. 

The budget, which is being closely monitored, looks good, according to officials.

“There’s nothing jumping out at me right now — we’re in good shape,” said Christine Suckow, the district’s business manager.