Lopes Park volunteers meet once again before winter break

Nov 16, 2019

Strong winds and bitter cold temperatures on Saturday morning worked against Wareham CORE volunteers, but, driven by their desire to make the dilapidated Lopes Playground safe and fun again, they put on gloves, hats, and extra layers and got to work.

Along with help from the Onset Fire Department, CORE volunteers spread over 400 square feet of engineered wood fiber across the park. The fiber provides fall protection to help reduce the risk of injury compared to the pebbles that previously surrounded the playground. 

Over the past two months, CORE has worked with other local organizations to restore the pavilion, resurface the baseball diamond, remove debris and broken playground equipment, sand picnic tables, and install swings from the now-closed Minot Forest Elementary School. Planning for the project began about three years ago.

“I feel like our community should be proud not only of our town and municipal maintenance but also the people,” said Wareham CORE President DaLiza Fernandes. “Their help and support mean everything to me.”

Volunteers have completed 90 percent of work on the park and will resume improvements in the spring. Accessible pathways will be added, custom pickets will be installed, and the entire playground will be re-sanded and coated with an organic wood preservative. 

“When it is done, we hope to have a playground that won’t need to be changed for several years,” said dedicated volunteer Pat Lester. “It will have updated equipment and more access for individuals with disabilities.”