Lucky Goat Brewing to bring local beers to Main Street

Jan 6, 2020

Beer lovers will soon have a new destination in Wareham, as Lucky Goat Brewing plans to open a brewery and tap room on Main Street by Memorial Day.

Caitlin Hurd, Kendall Peabody, and Aaron Perry hope the brewery, located at 379 Main Street in the old fish market, will become a space for the community to come together, perhaps with take-out in hand from one of Main Street’s restaurants, to drink beer and spend time with people of all ages (and dogs).

Lucky Goat will feature the standard IPA and a stout, alongside classic styles that aren’t as widely available and what Hurd and Peabody described as more “experimental” beers.

The trio plans highlighting local ingredients, including malt from Stone Path Malt and cranberries grown in Wareham for a special cranberry beer.

Perry has been brewing beer at home for the past 25 years, and has won a number of awards for his brews, which are made with local and natural ingredients whenever possible.

While the company plans on distributing some beer to local restaurants and selling a limited amount in cans at the brewery, the focus will be on producing beer to be enjoyed in the taproom.

Lucky Goat Brewing is the culmination of the founders’ long-held ambitions.

“I’ve always loved beer. They say ‘Do what you love, love what you do,’” said Peabody, who has always wanted to own his own business. Perry has been home brewing beer for about 10 years, and said he loves seeing people enjoy the beer he brews. 

When Hurd and Perry met Peabody and saw the Main Street space was for rent, it seemed like “the stars were aligned,” so they got to work. They have received a federal license to brew and sell alcohol, and are working towards approval by the town. 

While the venture is largely self-funded, the company is seeking funding through a site called Mainvest, which allows individuals to invest in the brewery with a set return on their investment. For example, if a company's return on investment rate was set at 50 percent, someone who invests $100 will be paid back $150 in quarterly installments. If the investment is not paid back by a set date, like the end of 2026, the remaining amount due is paid to the investor.

Lucky Goat has raised more than $20,000 towards a $50,000 goal, which will largely go towards repairing and upgrading the facility. 

“It gives the people of Wareham a chance to invest in something that they can go to and enjoy and be a part of,” said Peabody. 

Hurd said that the company plans to give back to the community. 

“We really want to not just be a watering hole. We want to actually be an active part of the community and help build Main Street up,” Hurd said. 

Hurd said that the trio has been considering fundraisers, including creating special brews to benefit charities. 

Each member’s past work experience lines up nicely with the skills required to run the brewery. Perry’s career has been in manufacturing and distribution, and he is currently working full time on preparing the location on Main Street for the brewery. Peabody is a certified public accountant who has specialized in taxes. Hurd is a digital marketing specialist.

For more information about Lucky Goat Brewing, go to To visit the brewery’s page on Mainvest, click here.