Man charged in double stabbing in Wareham

May 14, 2019

A Buzzards Bay man is facing assault charges after police arrested him for stabbing two people at the Rosewood Motel in East Wareham on Monday.

Samuel J. Hackett III, 34, was charged with two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, two counts of assault and battery, and one count of armed assault in a dwelling, according to Acting Wareham Police Chief John A. Walcek.

According to police reports, the incident happened around midnight on May 13. One of the victims, Barry Gould, asked Hackett, who he describes in a police report as “his friend,” to borrow $80 to help pay his rent. After sending a few messages back-and-forth with Hackett, Gould went to the 7/11 near the motel.

Detectives then determined that Hackett, while armed with a knife, entered Gould’s room, looking for his intended target, but instead encountered Gould’s girlfriend, Nicole Langlois. He pushed her away, left the room, and confronted Gould in the parking lot as he returned from the store.

“As Hackett got close, Gould observed that he had a silver blade in his hand and described it as two to three inches long. He was trying to talk to Hackett and stated that he appeared to be intoxicated,” Detective William Desilva wrote in his police report.

After poking Gould with the knife, Hackett stabbed him on the right side of his chest. Langlois attempted to intervene but was struck with the blade several times. Hackett then punched her in the head and fled the area in a car with an unknown woman.

“I was told there was an unknown white female in the car with Hackett. She yelled to him ‘we gotta get out of here!’ He jumped in and the two left the motel,” recalled Officer Richard Robidoux in his police statement.

Gould sustained a two-inch puncture wound in his chest, which he and Langlois stitched prior to police arrival. Both victims were treated and released at Tobey Hospital.

Police arrested Hackett at his place of employment at Lindsey’s Family Restaurant around 4:30 p.m. without incident. Hackett pleaded not guilty to the charges after telling police that the victims were fighting with each other without his involvement.

Hackett appeared in Wareham District Court on Tuesday, May 14. A lawyer, speaking on Hackett’s behalf, said that Gould and Langlois’s testimony needed clarification since it is not clear why the victims decided to stitch up the wound themselves instead of going to the hospital right away.

Hackett’s lawyer also mentioned that Hackett has a record of several arrests, but “whenever he was charged with something, he wasn’t convicted.”

Bail has not yet been set. Hackett’s next court date is set for Friday, May 17.