Meet some exceptional middle school students

Jun 14, 2022

Each month, Wareham Middle School recognizes exceptional students.

For May, Kelly Guaman is the fifth grade student of the month.

“She is respectful, diligent, kind, courteous, and gets along very well with her peers,” said one teacher. “It has been an honor to be her teacher.” 

“Her effort and attention to detail in her work is off the charts,” said one teacher. “She has come a long way this year and has made several friends in the process. Others want to be around her due to her kindness.”

“She is polite and thoughtful,” said another teacher. “Kelly is a model student and a pleasure to have in class.”

The sixth-grader of the month is Amiya Randall.

“Her quick wit and unique sense of humor keep us all laughing,” one teacher said. “She is a hard-worker who strives to do her best on every assignment.”

One teacher praised her approach to helping fellow students: “She will often try to explain the material in a relatable context so that they are able to understand it from a different perspective.”

“Amiya is a creative and imaginative artist,” said another teacher. “She has a natural ability and unique eye for art.”

Jude Kerwin is the seventh grade student of the month.

“Jude is a student who is always able to overcome every challenge he faces, whether it be topics that he's never learned, conflicts among friends or the horror of mathematics,” said one teacher. “Jude perseveres and finds a way to conquer each and every one.”

“Jude is a wonderful role model for his peers,” said another teacher. “He works hard and consistently tries to put forth his best effort on all assignments.”

“He is always smiling and willing to help others throughout his day,” said another teacher.