Middle School announces award winners

Jan 31, 2023

Wareham Middle School has announced its student award winners for January 2023.

Fifth grader Jocelyn Morse, sixth grader Re’chaun Alavache and seventh grader Nathan Savary were named Students of the Month.

Each month, the teachers of each grade level select their most “responsible, respectful and thoughtful” students to receive the honor.

The teachers also leave anonymous words of praise for the students. 

“Jocelyn is a kind-hearted individual who creates a positive environment to teach and learn,” one teacher wrote. “She shows empathy and understanding for the needs of others, and is also able to display that in her creative writing.”

According to one of his teachers, Alavache is “a role model in class for his peers.”

“He gives 100% in all he does and those efforts pay off,” the teacher wrote. “Re’chaun is the kind of student who makes your day better just because he was in it. I applaud him for his achievements and this honor.”

One of Savary’s teachers called him “the type of kid that every teacher dreams of having in class. He is attentive, hardworking, empathetic and always comes to class ready to participate and learn.”

Student Thalia Ribeiro won the January 2023 Scotty Monteiro Jr. Foundation Award. 

“Thalia goes out of her way to make people feel included and often compliments others,” a press release from the school read. “Her smile is contagious and her kindness is far-reaching.”

The “Scotty Award,” as it is called, is given monthly by Foundation of the same name. Established in memory of its namesake, a 21-year-old Wareham man who was murdered in 2009, the Foundation’s stated aim is to “stop the violence” by highlighting outstanding youth.