Middle school names Students of the Month

Jun 2, 2023

“A great role model,” a creative smiler and a polite artist are Wareham Middle School’s Students of the Month for May 2023.

Fifth grader Kobe Ferguson, sixth grader Quinn Medeiros and seventh grader Joseph Stapel received anonymous words of praise from their teachers. 

“Kobe is a great role model for her peers,” one of her teachers said. “Not only is she thoughtful and diligent with all of her assignments, she is a kind and caring friend to her classmates.”

“Kobe Ferguson is a fine example of a model Wareham Middle School student,” another teacher said.

One of Quinn’s teachers called him “a creative and thoughtful young man.” 

“Quinn always enters the class with a smile and tries his best in all of his work,” another teacher said.

“Joseph is a polite and conscientious student who always has a smile on his face,” one of his teachers said. 

Another teacher said that he “is creative and puts full effort into his artwork.”

That teacher concluded their remarks with: “Joseph is positively Wareham.”